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Hi guys,

Been having a few probs l8tly with the det. First came some misfiring, that was sorted out pretty quick, next, the engine decided to shut down on me while i was driving, and didnt want to start again.

After a day of trial and error, it came down to a wire from my ignition module, rubbing away on my bov plate. Reconnected this up and tucked it away, car started great.

Now the car is running smooth, but it has lost all its balls. Before this prob happened i was running 14psi.
Now it only runs on 9psi, and it doesnt get there in a quick hurry like it usually does. Theres no hesitation or anything, just takes longer to get up there.
Seems like its in soft cock mode, i dunno.

I havnt touched my boost controller or anything else.... am i missing something simple guys?

u13 sr20det
in a n14 Pulsar sss

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