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Here is my list.
5th gear popout & Clutch (fixed)
front wheel bearings (fixed)
driver side driveaxle (fixed) front Stuts (fixed)
All this happend from July to mid september.

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Blew up motor dyno'ing the Intake Manifold. Leaned out and f'ing fan switch didn't work. HEAT baby or too much of it.

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Needs a built bottom end!

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Power steering hose blew at 45mph whilst autocrossing.

Other than that....nothing. 149,000 miles and 8 (going on 9) years young.

Greg Perry, '93 SE-R w/ 149,000 miles, a proud customer of Nitrous Oxide Systems, Inc., [email protected] 1/4 mile, [email protected] 1/8 mile, 1.98 60-ft.

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well, i bought mine right before summer started, so here's what i've fixed:

-new starter to get rid of that damn starter squeal
-new clutch, old PP AND disc were shot
-new motor mount

daz it
I love Nissans

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1)Blown motor...put in new computer and 370cc injectors and somehow drowned my engine then blew it up - not fixed yet
2) Axle seal leaked - fixed
3) Crank seal leaked - fixed
4) Tranny leaked - not fixed yet
5) clutch went out - fixed
6) one of my wires and distributor blew - fixed
thats all I can think of right now.

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my [email protected]$!*#k starter is broken...or SOMETHING is causing them to go. i'm on my 4th one, they last me a few months than take a **** one. click click click click...start. AAAAHHHHH, i cant take it, any ideas?

Serban Gavrilescu
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- Engine went bad
- Muffler rusted and fell off
- All O2 sensors went bad
- Front pipe broke
- clutch **** out

My car is a POS

Greg Taylor
Black 96 200SX SE-R
More info on my car

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other than that pesky exhaust leak! and some idiot leaving the lights on and draining the battery 3 or 4 times....


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Not that I'm complaining, cuz I still love my car, but here's my list:

1) New clutch/PP
2) Front crank seal
3) New UR Pulleys (OK, the old ones were broke, but as long as they had to come off to fix the crank seal...)
4) Ignition assembly
5) Vaccuum lines (in progress)
6) PCV valve
7) Clutch cable
8) 2 fuses
9) Right side headlight assembly (what a BITCH!!!)
10) Power steering hoses (in progress)
11) Passenger side mirror
12) Heater Blower motor
13) Removed A/C (who needs it with T-tops! + less weight + a couple extra ponies!)

Things that STILL need to be done:
1) Backup lights (fixed once, don't work again)
2) Cold start heating plug/sensor/whatever and possibly the wiring harness
3) Valve cover and spark plug gaskets
4) Fuel Filter
5) Fuel lines under hood
6) Carbon Fiber hood (I HOPE!)
7) Front fascia from Carlos in Denmark (I HOPE!)


**** that went bad...
One rod bearing- fixed,
10 year old battery- repleaced,
cat- fixed
clutch- JWT fixed
flywheel- JUN while I was in there....
2 axles
both axle seals
2 accidents with me not driving
Another rod bearing...
oil pump...
it keep on getting better and better.
Its got 120K miles.

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I dont want to talk about it!!!

Russ Knezic
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by KikoSanchez182:
well ive only had my se-r for a week and already had to have to timing chain replaced for 1,000 bucks! err time to learn how to replace that myself!</font>
Why did you change the chain?

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ball joint,2 wheel alignments,cv boots busted,control arm broke,starter,altenator,fan relay,starter relay,clutch went,chain tensioner went bad,lower money in bank
this is all mainly to rough ny streets bumpy and pothole infested.

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here is my list,
tranny leaks from the reverse switch
right axle
fuel pump relay burnt out
fuel pump
ecu fuc*ed up...transistor burnt out for the fuel pump in the ecu
needs alightment
need tires
kyb gr-2 killed 2 of my 16in Lenso rims
wheel bearings and front hub...i think thats it

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Hmm not much but I just bought it.

Trunk latch...
I need to get a new starter soon. I have been scaring people with my squeel. Is it suppose to get worse when its cold?
I want to change my clutch fluid but I am kinda embarassed to ask exactly how...:-/

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-front tires went bald
-leak in flex pipe

I don't think that's all that bad for a new england ride with 110k on it. I hope she stays nice to me

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w/ advanced timing & Stillen POP
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