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List my new mods with pictures

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Was going to do it in the long List your mods! thread, but with pictures that would make it God-awful long, so here we go:
Time to redo mine and see if I can remember them all

98 Sentra SE
-T25 turbo from a Bluebird DET with stock Bluebird manifold and turbine exhaust elbow outlet

-stock Bluebird DET recirculation valve

-JWT clutch kit

-JWT POP charger

-JWT ECU (no pics)

-91 intake cam (no pics)

-stock Bluebird DET intercooler custom front mounted

-homemade motor mounts, 94 shore urethane

-KYB AGX adjustable struts

-Eibach ProKit springs (no pics)

-SMC short shifter

-front Lightning Motorsports strut tower brace

-DET red valve cover

-Autometer Ultralight boost gauge (no pics)

-Toyo Proxy T1+ tires 205/50VR15

-2.5" turbo to cat downpipe

-Redline MT90 trans fluid

-Mobil 1 5W30 and Mobil 1 oil filter

-Pioneer cheapy replacement front speakers

-SERCA sticker (that while circle in the back window)

-Jim Wolf Technology sticker on the other window

-Jim Wolf Technology license plate frame

-can't forget the Honda Civic floormats and leather steering wheel wrap

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Hey Mike, don't your IC pipes hang lower than mine?
They look about the same. I finaly put my water/dust sheild back on so the pipes don't stick out as much.

Neither can I! Thats why I told my boss I got a better job offer for a ficticious wage and he matched it
Its good to be the only person that can do an important task.


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I'm tellin'!!! Where do you work again? haha
Look good Ben. Makes me want to do a turbo. Only I can;t decide if I should do the HS 1.6 turbo kit. Or swap in the DE-T. Oh and are compressor housing's swapable on the T25's? If so couldn't you bolt on one that would terminate facing downward toward the IH
. Just a thought for future upgrades!

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