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Local Car Club's Drag Day!

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I am extending a GREAT offer to the local Nissan enthusiasts! The Tri Cities Mustang Club ( ) is having a Drag Day on May 7th 2004 and being that I drive a Nissan and Mustang, I have convinced the rest of the club to allow me to invite some Nissan guys. :D

I am just going to throw up the rough information to see if there is any interest. If there is a big following I'll give follow up info.

Where: Colonial Beach Drag Strip - 1/8th mile. Yes, some people think 1/8th mile is useless, but this drag day for our club isnt necessarily for ego boosting for your ET's, but rather to perfect your lunch and actually become a better DRIVER.

When: May 7th 2004 (First Friday in May). We have the track rented to ourselves from 8am-4pm.

Why: Like i just said, this track day isnt necessarily to find out what 1/4 time you can put down, but I can guarantee you will get as many passes as you could want. Practice makes perfect and this drag day will be the ULTIMATE time to practice. No being hassled by tech, no being rushed by 5 million idiots in their Del Sols wanting to run their blazing 18 sec passes, or the like of a normal test and tune Friday night. Just laid back run what ya brung 1/8th mile drag racing.

Price: The set fee per person is $50 for the entire day. There is a bonus though. If this site (SR20Forum) can bring 10 members of their own I will drop the price to $40/person for 8 hours of track time!!! You cannot beat this deal!

Other Info: There will be CASH awards given out for certain categories such as: Best Reaction Time, Best Avg. of 3 runs, Fastest Avg. 3 Runs, etc. Amounts and other categories are still up in the air depending on attendance to event.

Also, other clubs that will have members in attendance will be RPM (Richmond Performance Musclecars - 3rd and 4th gen F-body Club out of Richmond), NVMC (North Virginia Mustang Club), and many more to form any grudge match you could imagine.

As of right now we are keeping the car limit to 50 cars and first come first serve. One thing to keep in mind that’s important is that all payments are non-refundable (as with renting any track…that’s out of our hands) so be sure to keep your calendar clear if you wana come race.

If you are interested and want further info contact me by:
Posting in this thread
IM me at Floda5Oh on AIM
Email me at [email protected] - Use “DRAG DAY” as the Subject Heading.

I already know of 2 local SE-R guys and a friend with a det’d s13 that will be running it for the first time. Come join us! Thanks for your time and hope to see some Nissan owners out there showing some V8’s what you’ll can do.

yes...this is posted on ShiftVa/ShiftDC too.
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I'm interested. Sounds like fun.
I'd be down, but where exactly is Colonial Beach Drag Strip - how far from NoVA?
i'd like to go and watch if i can
webninja said:
I'd be down, but where exactly is Colonial Beach Drag Strip - how far from NoVA?

Its 1hr 15mins from Franconia/Springfield (at the speed limit ;) )

Anyone else intrested?
Im down! Since you came to my event Ill go to yours...even tho Im not a big fan of the 1/8, but my launches suck anyway, so Ill go practice :) Keep me updated.

Thanks man! This will be a fun event to get a lot of runs in and practice, practice, practice.

More info to come!
This event has been cancelled. Sorry.
what the poo? Aww...:(

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