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Looking for a 240SX SE

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I am really looking to buy a S13 240. I would prefer a hatch, but it doesn't really matter. I don't really care how many miles are one the car, I plan on doing an engine swap. I live in Virginia, so I would like something near buy. I don't wanna pay out my ass to have a car shipped here from Cali or something. Anyway, if anyone is selling a 240 or knows someone who is selling one please let me know. Thanks a lot everyone!
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89 charcoal grey fb. 143xxx miles on engine and chassis, trans just replaced (auto). body is in decent condition drivers fender needs to be replaced (have white replacement) and there is a dent behind the pass door in the rear quarter panel that needs to be pulled out (not too bad). other than that, just the normal dings for a 13 yr old car. interior in also in decent shape. small drivers seat bolster rip, and small rip in pass seat as well. other than that, the interior is nice. no rips in carpet, dash is perfect. power windows/locks/mirrors (all working), rear windows tinted.

parts that have been replaced within the last three months:

new starter
new rear main seal
new fuel pump
new battery
new brakes (rotors, pads, rebuilt calipers all four)
tune up (pulgs, wires, cap rotor)
oil changed every 3k w/mobil 1 syn
new ps belt
new battery ground cable
new cat
new exhaust from cat back (2.5" tubing, stainless canister muffler w/ 4" tip)
passed NJ inspection
h4 headlight conversion

new parts i have to be installed (will come with the car)

new alternator
new alt and ac belts
new timing set/gaskets
new oil pan gasket
new water pump

here are some pics:

drivers side
drivers side 2
pass side
drivers seat
pass seat
engine bay
engine bay 2
replacement drivers side fender

located in NJ. looking for $1700
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That is a pretty nice car. I am really looking for a 5 speed though. Plus I wasn't too fond of the damage in the drivers side. But I will keep your car in mind. Thank You! If anyonw else has a 240 they want to sell please contact me.
thx...i was planning on doing the KA-T and 5 spd swap, but things just arent going as planned...(4 kids, no $$$, or i have the drivers side fender replacment, and im planning on throwing it on soon, just have to finish wet sanding, and have a coat of primer thrown on before i replace the dented one.

anyway, lmk how you make out, and good luck...
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