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Hi all.

Have owned three NX2000's (all were 5-speed/T-tops - brand-new Aztec Red 91, off-lease Vail White 92 & 93) with the last one being totaled - head-on collision with a deer in 2013. I know these are becoming fairly rare, but would love to find one (driveable) that I can "bring back" to as close to new as possible. I have original floormats, rear hatch shelf, owner's manual, etc. that I kept from the totaled '93 - just hoping that someday I could find another one...

Would prefer 5-speed/T-top (any color) with solid body/frame - no extensive rust or collision damage.

Am retired now with a home workshop where I can do most mechanicals and a couple of local shops that I trust for things outside my skillset - drivetrain rebuilds, painting/bodywork/etc.

Hoping there is still one out there. Really do miss trips to the mountains/beach with the wife - T-tops off, sun shining in and the music playing. Any help/tips that the forum membership has would be truly appreciated!
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