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Hello..... Beginning to rejuvenate a 99 Sentra SE-Limited that has sat for years. Car is basically stock, and am looking for performance/replacement parts to make it a solid and fun second car:

Cold air intake
Springs or Coilovers (Hyperco Gen 2 or Road Magnets would be nice)
Struts (KYB AGX?)
Rear Mounts, bushings, etc.
Cam (‘91 Intake cam or JWT)
Strut tower or sway bars.
Etc.... let me know if you have anything sitting unused.

May eventually buy some of this stuff new, but spending much more than the value of the car on parts doesn’t sound too logical, if it can be avoided.

Also looking for some stock replacement parts: Sunroof cover, sun visors, fuel sending unit.....

Guessing there aren’t too many more of these cars running around or being modified..... Unsure if that makes me want to give up on the car or if it should motivate me to keep going.
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