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To everyone that has a sound clip of their exhaust: I'm looking to hear some custom setups, specifically non-turbo engines with a 20" or more glass pack and a straight through muffler.

I'm thinking about putting my own system together, probably a dynomax ultraflow with a thrush glass pack, and I'm just trying to find out what it would sound like. Something that is a bit louder (but not ricer-level) and deeper. I remember seeing posted somewhere hear a video clip named, but I don't remember whos car that was - but it sounded awesome.

Or, if you don't have a clip, what are your impressions of a setup similar to this?



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Hey Aaron, check the link below, i have some videos of my car on my page, there is that one flyby video where you can hear the exhaust, and also on the dyno ones. I am using custom bent 2.25" with an 18" louvered resonator, and straight through muffler.

check them out, and see what you think:

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