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Looks like Atco meet tommorow is bust

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3-5" of Snow forecasted about 15 minutes north of me, rain for here and all of New Jersey. Damnit.

Marc what do you think?
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3-5" of snow??? In this beautiful weather? :confused:
Well there is a chance of rain here too. temps in the high 40s. I am going to go and if it rains, then ohh well. But then again I only live like 15-20 min. from the track.
It says 90% chance of rain and it's suppose to start in the morning so I don't think the track will open at all. Even though I live close I don't think I will be going.
I'v sat at a lot of race track's and watched it rain. Even in Texas.:confused:
Its 8:15 and the weather says no rain till the afternoon. Im getting my car ready.
Rain rain go away come again some other day

......cause I got all this **** to say and I'm going back to find my way, my sister's mother's favorite son, lost among the chosen ones well I got news for everyone cause I'm going out that door


Marc, Chrissy, did you end up going at all? Ryan called me this morning at 10am, it hadn't rained yet, but it started to rain here about noon. So we didn't come obviously.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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