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Lots of JDM S13 and 180 parts

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I recently recieved the following items from a guy I know that sells JDM parts. All reasonable prices will be accepted. I know this is my first post on this board, but I have many vouches here -> <-. I have PLENTY of pics, and didn't think that wasting bandwith was needed, so feel free to email [email protected] for high resolution pics or with any questions.

1. JDM 180 Pumpkin with Tomei LSD - $850 shipped
2. 2 JDM 180 Pumpkins with OEM VLSD - $425 shipped
3. 1 JDM S13 Pumpkin with believed to be Nismo LSD- $750 shipped
4. 1 JDM S13 Pumpkin with OEM VLSD - $425 shipped
5. JDM Largas sway bars(32/27.5) with endlinks, 4 bushings, 3 brackets, etc - $500 shipped
6. 1 JDM S13 25.5mm rear sway bar with endlinks, bushings, etc - $135 shipped
7. 4 JDM S13 21mm rear sway bars with endlinks, bushings, etc - $100 shipped
8. 1 pair of JDM S13 front hubs – Make offer
9. 1 JDM S13 steering rack – Make offer
10. Nismo rear lower control arm, rear upper control arm, rear upper link, rear lower link, and front lower control arm - $1,000 shipped

**All pumpkins include: axles, rear hubs, rear lower control arms, ebrake cables, nuts/bolts, etc
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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