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Ok well everything is for sell now.
As of now the 4 door b13 is ready to be parted out. The driver side rear quarter panel was hit and it caused about $2500 in damage. I took the money and bought an s13 so now it’s all for sell. It still runs and drives at the moment so all it still good with the car.

Here is a list that I’ve come up with. I’m parting out the whole car so if there’s something not on the list that you want. Email me or PM me asking for the part. All prices are OBO but please no low-balling the price.

5.6” LCD flip down TV mine flips down right in front of the rear-view mirror( $250 shipped)

INTEROIR (make an offer)
Buttons buttons and more buttons
Trim pieces
Dash pieces

I take paypal [email protected] CC orders please add 3% to cover the paypal fees, money orders, and checks (but for this option please contact me first
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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