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Lousy fuel mileage

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What kind of mileage do you guys get? I think I'm getting lousy mileage at ~27 mpg on the highway. Here's what's new on my engine in the past year:
O2 sensor
Distributor cap/rotor button
NGK plugs
NGK wires
JWT intake
Hotshot headers
Pacesetter cat-back
timing at 17 degrees

I've also:
regrounded MAF
cleaned throttle body
cleaned BPT, or whatever it is
checked/adjusted TPS

I'm at a loss. I get ****-E milage around town, too. Maybe I'm driving too fast?

92 SE-R from Heck
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In the winter I get 24/30 (city/highway) and in the summer I get 27/36. I can get over 400 miles to a tank in the warm weather- my '94 has 173,000 miles and a K&N filter as it's only engine mod.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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