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Lousy fuel mileage

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What kind of mileage do you guys get? I think I'm getting lousy mileage at ~27 mpg on the highway. Here's what's new on my engine in the past year:
O2 sensor
Distributor cap/rotor button
NGK plugs
NGK wires
JWT intake
Hotshot headers
Pacesetter cat-back
timing at 17 degrees

I've also:
regrounded MAF
cleaned throttle body
cleaned BPT, or whatever it is
checked/adjusted TPS

I'm at a loss. I get ****-E milage around town, too. Maybe I'm driving too fast?

92 SE-R from Heck
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On the highway mine isnt that bad. Usualy somewhere around 30. I am one of the few that actualy drive the speedlimit so mine may not be too good to compare to. And my automatic, cruises at ~72mph at ~2900rpm's. I try to keep it below 3000 while on the highway cause Im shooting to make the tank last as long as possible. Sometimes I will get over 300 miles to a tank sometimes not. Around town my his utter ****. I sometimes wonder if I get over 20mph in town. You dont seem to be too far down on the mileage...what kinda rims you running? I noticed with Eric's 16"s I got hella better gas mileage. But I would possibly get rid of those NGK plugwires for some stock ones. That may net a couple MPG. But 27 isnt too bad I dont know many that get much higher.
Well Ive gotten times when i was in the mid to high 30's which kinda makes me think the speedo is off then on again. Cause this last tank i got 300 miles to 3/4 of a tank (8 gallons on fill up) which is 37.5 miles to the gallon. Which I dont know if thats right or not. Need to pull out the map and see what Elizabethon to Nashville is exactly. People keep saying you cant get that with a se-r so I dont know. As for picking up your mileage on the highway, just use cruise, dont go insainly fast stay around 70(which is a bit better for me with the auto tho), dont do any darting around be smooth, dont get impatient just let curise do its job.
I never go by my fuel guage. I go by how many miles and how much gas i can squeeze in the tank. I just said 3/4's cause it was down to 1/4, which really means nothing because as usual with classics its way off. At the pump I put in right around 8 gallons, dont feel like pulling out my recept right now. But the trip meter was right around 300, maybe a hair shy. I reset it with each fill up to judge an mpg per tank. A few times Ive noticed above 30 mpg's according to the trip/pump.
The tank is 13.2 Even tho I have never seen the bottom of it. Gas light comes on(which in reality means nothing to a classic) Ive driven around quite a bit more, then fill up, squeeze maybe 10 to 11 gallons. Think the most I ever got in it was 12 gallons. Been too scared to see how far I can go...
Well the timing actualy helped mine. Well timing it up to 15 instead of like 10 where it was at for some reason. And seems like when ever i stick in 92 (which is rarely) i do get a little better but havent in so long dont know. I use 89 and it does well. Considering that I dont have the timing bumped up high.

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What I did was block down the peddal and sprayed A LITTLE carb cleaner on the TB, but then soaked down a couple paper towels. Then just scrubed it that way as best as i could. But it wasnt that dirty. I swear I think its the low ports that have more of a problem with it, or later years with more emmisions stuff. Mine wasnt that dirty, not gunky like most people say they get. I havent cleaned it in a year, and its not that bad still yet, need to check it soon just for the heck of it.
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