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Lousy fuel mileage

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What kind of mileage do you guys get? I think I'm getting lousy mileage at ~27 mpg on the highway. Here's what's new on my engine in the past year:
O2 sensor
Distributor cap/rotor button
NGK plugs
NGK wires
JWT intake
Hotshot headers
Pacesetter cat-back
timing at 17 degrees

I've also:
regrounded MAF
cleaned throttle body
cleaned BPT, or whatever it is
checked/adjusted TPS

I'm at a loss. I get ****-E milage around town, too. Maybe I'm driving too fast?

92 SE-R from Heck
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With most driving around Boston, I get around 25 mpg. I've gotten as good as 34 on the highway, I think, last fall. I'm not sure what your problem could be. I know increasing your timing will decrease mpg some. What kind of fuel do you use? Also, what is your driving style? If you drive like my friend Mark, who is constantly at WOT, and driving 80 to 90 mph on the highway, mpg will suffer a good amount.

93 Classic
Bone Stock
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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