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Lowport to Highport question, experts welcome!!

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My roommate just bought a 1995 200SX SE-R in MD from a kid that swapped in a JDM highport engine (he said he swapped the sensors when he had the engines out). But the swap isnt complete as the previous owner ran out of money. He also had a 95 G20 ECU installed before the prev engine went bad.

My question is, What other items have to be swapped in order for this swap to work properly? I'm sure the EGR system will have to be plugged... but can he use the JDM highport intake and get away with it?!?! (I'm hoping, as this is prob going to be our track whore)

I'm only really familiar with the early 91-93 SE-Rs so I'm not sure about this....
Thanks in advanced for the help!
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wait what are you asking? sorry its been a long day, are you asking can you use a high port intake manifold on a low port motor? if that s the question no you cant, if you need some help i have some friends up there that know almost everything about the cars i can point you in thier dierection.
I know you cant swap intakes.... I was just wondering if he could use the JDM engine WITH intake in his 200sx SE-R
Does anyone else have anything else to add?
jdm motor definitely is much much stronger! i know coz i did it! ;)
yea i'd use all the B14 sensors thought just to be sure. the coolant temp sensors need to be swapped from the USDM to the JDM, so will the distributor, and retain B14 MAF but you already knew that...i guess that's all i can think of.
sweet, I'll let him know.... and let you guys know how it went.
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