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Hey guys,

I'm finally done installing all the parts neccessary to be turbocharged again. I am running a JWT ecu, t-28, and 370cc injectors.

I tried to start the engine last night and it runs, but then dies if I let off the gas.

The ECU is showing the trouble code 1,2 (mass airflow sensor/circuit). I am using the stock MAF with extended wires to reach over to the fender.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be going wrong? Someone suggested that it maybe sheilded wire on the MAF.

Thanks in advance.


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I had the same problem.
Check the connection. The 1,2 code doesn't come up if you have good connection. If you don't have the code and the engine idles roughly or stopes cold, you have a bad mass airflow sensor.
You can check the voltage on terminal A and C.
C should be 12V A should be under 1V with ignition on engine not running.
Don't disconnect the plug try it from the back!
Start engine A should be 0.7-1.1. Rev the engine it shouldn't be more than 1.1.
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