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MAF Values for 22680 5J000?

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Hi Everyone,
I've had some trouble with engine "hiccups", I replaced the Lambda sensor which seemed to fix most of the problems, then I turned to my MAF. I purchased a replacement used MAF and I've now compared the original measured values.

Interestingly the "younger" MAF shows a consistent lower signal value than the "older" one. Does anyone have any idea whether this will make a difference or indeed what the values would be for a brand new MAF?

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If the hiccup was that the old MAF was causing the engine to run slightly rich, then that MAF was the problem. The newer MAF would give a lower reference voltage and cause the engine to rrun a little leaner, as more air enters the engine with less voltage output so the ECU injects a lesser amount of fuel for the larger air flow.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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