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manual boost controller

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I got a ball and spring manual boost controller from ebay. i put it in.. and it seems the minimal boost i can get is 15 psi. I want to run 11 because I have a t25. Any comments on why it's doing this?.. is there any way i can alter the boost controller?
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So when the boost controller is completely is boosting 15 psi? That doesn't seem right. Some boost controllers are very sensitive to changes. Try opening the boost controller just tad bit.

I figured out what the prob was. my friend threw away the instructions.. come to find out, i had to switch the two lines around. Stoopid mistake!
If you are running low boost you can shorten the spring, or get a different spring as well. Then the adjustment screw will not stick out as far from the MBC and get tangled in things.
I bought one on ebaY as well and I was having a similar problem. I just cut the spring so it was a little shorter and it worked perfectly after that. You can also get a softer spring and it will do the same thing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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