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Yes, you are all welcome for my camera car work

David, how'd you like the vid of your save in Oak tree:eek2::eek2:, the amazing thing was you didn't lose as much speed as i thought, that is why i decided to tuck in and bump draft instead of go around you, you and i were quicker together i think than separate

ps. my breakage on sunday was wheel bearing falling apart (probably from my big off saturday in the TT group)
yea, the slide doesn't look nearly as bad as it felt. i just remember looking out the driver window at the corner station, downshifting to 2nd mid-slide and all of a sudden i'm going down the back straight, with a little bit of "i hope they don't run into me" somewhere in the middle.

i think we were quicker together. either you draft me down the back straight, or i push you down the front straight, hehe. besides, racing hard for 2nd just lets 1st place run away. did you change your brake setup at all? you were way better on the brakes than i remember at hyperfest.

i do have some easy time to gain in T3 and T4. i only have 0.5 degrees negative camber on the passenger side compared to 2.5 on the driver side. from under the car it looks like a bent knuckle and it's been like this since i bought the car. i could really see the difference with you all in front of me on how much time i was losing because the car wasn't turning left, heh. i hope to get that fixed in the next week or two.
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