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Alright guys, if all else fails with the nitrous, I am considering going turbo, and need some friendly know how from you guys.

I already have the following to start the project...

S14 200sx pistons
370cc injectors
GTiR Manifold
Turbo from S14 200sx(stock)
Skyline GTSt 2.5 Intercooler
3 inch downpipe
1.6mm armour head gasket

I will obviously need a bigger MAF, but which should I go for?

I plan to salvage the following from my current engine...

Ported & Poilshed High Port cylinder head (skimmed 1.2mm)
HKS valvetrain (264), inc. spring and sprockets!
Polished intake manifold
2.5" exhaust system w/ no CAT
CF Air Filter w/ RAM air
DASTEK ecu (fully remappable)
FSE Fuel regulator
UR Pulleys
Fidanza Flywheel

With all these mods, and obviously the needed blow off valve & other components, how much boost am I going to be able to use on a stock bottom end, without hurting anything engine wise, and could you estimate the horsepower from these mods?


Dave :cool:
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