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I need to know about the sr20de motor as a whole(ie. Head dimensions,Block dimensions,Bore,Stroke,Transmission specs,Tranny to Clutch to Flywheel to Block dimensions). Does anyone know where I can get that information?

Is it possible to use an SR18DE block(bottom end) on a SR20DE head/transmission(with no LSD)? I need to know because my car was definatly 'Frankenstiened' by the previous owner because it's a G20 with 'SR18' embedded into the side of the engine block, where normally the 'SR20' would be.

I contacted the Infiniti/Nissan dealership and they had no idea or definitive answer why someone would do that to their car(swap in a more expensive (imported) bottom end into a car with already one of the strongest bottom ends available in mass-produced cars)?

I need to know because it has some sh!tty (rusted on downpipe) headers on it and I want to revert to the stock exhaust manifold, but since it is a different bottom end I need to know if the bolt pattern is the same or if I will need to get them welded on or what...

Any help would be VERY much appriciated!


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I *think* the only difference is the bore. The two engines look *really* similar, but I could be wrong. You might wanna check the SE-R list archives; I think there was some info regarding the two engines in there.

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