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The time has come for me to me on from the SR20 game, i'll be back in a few years.

I want to keep some things together, but here's whats for sale:

-SR20det Long block (bottom end rebuilt by myself with assistance from Tekkie/Cliff) Installed, new ACL race series rod bearings (STD), GTI-R main bolts from Greg V(these bolts are just as strong as the ARP main studs, except you dont have to worry about line honing the block due to being unable to rotate the crank), VET metal headgasket
*will also include Nismo thermostat, P/S pump, water pump, and alternator w/ 4pc OBX pulley kit with belts already on motor SOLD

-Log manifold T3 top mount w/ 38mm wastegate flange SOLD

-Tial 38mm wastegate w/ dump tube (has 8psi spring) SOLD

-ECU/Fuel set-up $475 shipped FOR ENTIRE SET-UP and I'll throw in brand new ebaY external fpr w/ built in guage
Individual Prices:
Calum basic (OBD 2 w/ launch control, tuned for stock DE and stock injectors) and 8 brand new Eprom chips 27SF512 $240 shipped
z32 maf w/ pig tail SOLD
Custom Steel top feed fuel rail (comes with brackets, used for highport) $85 shipped
MSD 72lb injectors (4) with injector clips and (4) JWT resistors SOLD

-Garrett 60-1 T3 turbo w/ T04s housing and 4 bolt exhaust housing (.70AR front with a 4 inch intake and a .63AR hot side) part# 715583-5007 good for up to 575hp (this turbo has been rebuilt by Tekkie/Cliff with a big shaft rebuild kit from the g-pop shop, which is the only place you can find a rebuild kit for this turbo) O miles after rebuild. Oil cooled. Will also come with oil drain tube and kamak stainless steel oil line w/ oil sending unit adapter $550 shipped

-B14 LSD 5spd transmission SOLD

-JGY 6 Puck clutch kit, used for 2k miles SOLD

-Intercooler kit core size is 32"x12" with 2.5 piping and a generic copy greddy BOV. used on a P10 $175 shipped

-(2) Brand New 12" universal slim fans (2250 fan rpm and 1730 fan cfm) SOLD

OR you can buy everything listed above for $2300, but you have to come pick it up



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Damn, didn't really see this coming. :rofl:

Bump for a good guy.

Air filter cleaner masta
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do u have any pics of the tial wastegate? And dump tube?
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