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What's up Mike,

I was checking out your suspension upgrade picks
at your website, and was wondering what type of springs you have with the
AGX set up. I am thinking about upgrading my suspension with the AGX shocks
and struts with HKS springs. I hear HKS would be the better of two
selections I have, the other being INTRAX with a 1.75 drop. HKS has a 1.25
drop. My greatest concern is ride quality and my question to you is, Does
your car take well to uneven pavement pot holes driveways etc. I see you
make use of the STILLEN camber plates which I will also need to purchase. I
also wonder is your suspension squeaky or loud, though we don't have the
same type of cars, (I have a 95G20) I figured you might be able to address
my concerns. Oh and have you upgraded to JWT Ecu? and if so, do you maintain
your timing 17 degrees. Your opinion will be appreciated.


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Hey I think their is a big diffrence in the G suspension from the b14's. The steelin Camber plates will be loud no matter what you do(it worth it tho
) I wouldn't recomend using the sportlines at all they are to low and bottom out all the time. I would either go with GC's and fix the rattleing or look into the Motovational shortnd struts.

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