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MIL light flashing?

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ok my engine light(MIL) seems to be flashing only when i press on the pedel. so i am guessing that the problem is either my O2, MAF, or TPS since it has to do with wide open throttle. anyone had problems like these?
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Did you mess with the ECU lately to pull codes? It sounds like its in the o2 sensor diagnostic mode.
not withen the past 3-4 months. about to go and check the voltages of the o2, tps, and maf. hope one of those is it.
Reset your ECU and see if it still does it. Make sure the screw is turned in the correct direction.
well figured it out. seems that my o2 was bad. went to the auto zone and got one. runs good now(smoother) but expensive.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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