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pictures are at the bottom of the page; descriptions on top.

1st item is a electronically controlled DIN HVAC unit, fits perfectly, would be awesome to replace your manual unit, problem is that its a lot of wiring so it would be a task to change it, but it would be worth it in the end. The unit is out of a JDM silvia just for the record, and I purchased it about 3 months ago and have had it sitting in my room since then, never tried to install it and now I need the money, $50 shipped. (sorry pics are blurry)

2nd item is a drivers side halo headlight, I got in an accident on my passanger side and I had to buy the set, so this is JUST the drivers side. $45 shipped

3rd item is an awesome pair of inline skates. Brand is RollerBlade and the model is sWINdler. They are real nice aggressive skates for anybody interested in getting into that. Size 9, very nice skates, I used them less
than a handful of times as you can see by the pictures. Pictures they are dirty, I will clean them and take better pictures ASAP. $100 shipped.

4th item is a netgear brand switch/hub, baught it at staples for 60 bucks and then baught a router instead. It is 8 port and the newest model I believe. Cosmetically it isnt the best, but I assure you it works 100%. $45 shipped.

All prices are OBO, so make offers if you'ld like. Here are the pictures.





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