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Hey guys, I was wondering about the mods that are necessary in order for a stock car to go turbo by a kit. The only things that came to my mind are:

1. motor mounts
2. clutch
3. cat-back upgrade (?)
4. shocks/springs (?)
5. breaks (?)

I put a question mark for 3-5 since I am not sure if these are absolutely critical for going sub 10psi turbo (~200 wheel hp). So, have I missed anything else? As always, TIA


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motor mounts and tune up definately. you don't want to break your tranny do you? energy suspention part # 7-1105 and 7-1106 will get you for your motor mounts. while you are at it get the 7-1103 (shifter bushing) and 7-3109 (control arm bushings) all good es part #s

98 se-r w/ p/r cai,jwt s3 cams, stillen header, courtesy exhaust, ur pullies, JUN flywheel, ACT clutch, NOS nitrous kit, eibach springs, kyb struts, st sways, cusco camber plates, f/r strut braces,stillen lower control arm brace, lotsa bushings, and a bunch of other crap not really worth mentioning

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The clutch man! You don't want to be pulling your clutch a week after you get the turbo rite?

MMounts ..yup
Exhaust ..Yup go with a 3"
Brakes are a good idea. NX will do fine unless you going sick!
Springs and struts.. Not a must but prolly a good idea if your going to be driving fast around curves.
Hmm Oil pressure guage?

Also make sure your "oh ****" handels are bolted down tightly
You don't want the old lady to wap her head on the window at all.

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