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Monster De Build Up Almost There!!!

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Parts ordered for my 95 Nissan 200SX SE-R on 02/08/2004
702-567-3035 Talk to Keith
[email protected]
1) Eagle forged rods part# CRS5365N3D
2) ARP rod bolts
3) Arias 86.5mm 8.5:1 compression forged pistons part#3520100
4) Arias competition turbo piston rings
Total for above $769.00 Shipped
Talk to Shaun (email: [email protected])
Or talk to Jason (owner) 276-782-9100
1) ARP head studs $109.00
2) ARP main studs for crankshaft $95.00
3) Cometic metal gaskets $99.00
4) Greddy rocker arm stoppers $62.00
Total $365.00 Shipped

Courtesy Nissan
800-527-1909 ask for Brian
Belts needed for these pulleys gates K040310 (crank to alternator) and K060390 (water pump, power steering and crank)
1) New Unorthodox Racing Crankshaft and Water pump pulley set $189.00
2) New Complete Nissan OEM engine gasket set $176.00
3) New Nissan OEM timing chain $65.00
Total plus Shipping $438.36

Stillen Adjustable Cam Gears $65 Shipped
Greddy Valve Springs $170 Shipped

Tony Performance in Kissimmee 1-407-846-8200
Good machine shop and master race engine builder will do the engine rebuild and bore out the cylinders .020 over, 5 angle valve job....I cant wait to get all the parts in!!!!
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sounds good man!!
how much did u pay for the rods, if u dont mind me asking???
the rods by themselves I believe are $359???
call them and they will hook you up, talk to keith
there 299 on ebay
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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