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More info needed about G20 PLEASE!

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is it ONLY G20t's that have a LSD? I found a '93, but the dealership it's at doesn't know if it has a LSD. If I get a G20 w/o a LSD, can I add a LSD later on w/o too many problems? How much will it cost? is it worth it?

Turbo's...what's available? How much $$$? How much is water inj? How much boost can I put safely on the stock motor? Which turbo's do you recommend? Keep in mind this is going to be my commuter car, but I still want to have LOTS of fun with it!

Suspension...I want the best(or close to it) suspension on the market for the G20...what do you recommend?
That's all for now, but I am sure I'll have lots more ?'s later.
BTW, is there another forum like this one? and what is this mailing list i read about?
Thanks again,
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The mailing list is an AWESOME resource for sr20 cars. You can find out about it at . After signing up you will have to wait a week at least before you will be allowed to post. It's a good idea to just sit back and read for awhile anyway to get a feel for the attitude there, it's different than most 'net forums.

Oh and on that website there is a searchable archive of the mailing list going back at least 4 years. You can find a lot of info out there.

I'm pretty sure only the G20t has an LSD. I'm not sure if you can put an LSD on a regular G20 without swapping the whole tranny. Quaife makes a gear type LSD unit, but it piggybacks on the viscous LSD that is stock on our cars (if they have one).
Get them to give you the trans code out of the door. It will be something like RS5F32A or RS5F32V If it ends in a (V) it is limited slip anything else is open Diff ,This also apply for all SR20 cause I think they deleted LSD in late 97 or 98 200SX Se-r
Also that last letter code applys to Autos as well I think LSD Autos are RL4F03V .

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Thanks for the'll help ALOT!
Found lots of G20's and SE-R's in my area...just waiting for a buyer for my car!
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