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Well I know have all the mounts in now. Took me 3 hours to put left and right mounts in. The right side mount inserts went in without a hitch. I was pretty confident at this point, that I could get it done with time to sleep. I started at 11:30 PM. I moved over to the left mount, and ran into a bit of a problem. And I actually have a question with this because I am a bit uncertain we did the right thing. The left side mount has a metal bushing around it, and is held in by friction. Well, hell had a better chance of freezing than us doing this the right way. My dad and I drove the bushing out (which was extremely soft metal I might add). That took us, I swear, 2 hours. Anyway, we smashed the insert in, but here's my question. This new mount obviously doesn't have a metal bushing between it and the rubber, does it need it? My other question is this: the other 3 mounts have bushings for the bolts that go through them, and the last mount I describe had an OE one, but was square and wouldn't fit in the ES one. Does it need a bushing for the bolt? When all was said and done, I finished shortly before 3:00 AM, this morning.
First impressions are cool. It vibrates now during idle. The lower two mounts vibrated at start, but now the car vibrates during idle (redundant I know). I was sitting at a light and I noticed the wheel and the seat vibrating some. I however throughly enjoyed it, but some may not. The car seems to do a better job when redline shifting, but that probably is my imagination since I haven't floored my car in a week and a half. By a better job it seems to want to spin the wheels more. For the 70 for the complete set, I would recommend it. No one really thinks of a performance upgrade type deal, but feeling the car vibrate is like...ok couldn't come up with an analogy. Feeling the car vibrate during idle is really sweet.
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