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Motor Mounts.....

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I was looking under the hood of my car tonight and I noticed the right motor mount is sorta bulged around the top part (rubber sticking out around the top and sagging inward at the bottom). Im assuming its busted. Any suggestions on new one/ones? Other than an warm air intake and cat back exhaust, my motor is stock but Im planning some mild mods. CAI, header, new cat back, etc, but nothing crazy....wondering if I should go aftermarket or stock with the mount. The suspension is important to me (I can really appreciate a great handling car after driving a friends new Bmw 330), and since my current set up sucks (which probably caused the failure). I would like to get new bushings for the front, as well as a ST
sway bar etc, and am wondering if the stock mount will hold up in all this.......
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heck, my stock motor mounts didn't last 20k miles. I have ES inserts in 3 of them and left the passenger side liquid filled mount. I would've changed that too but got too lazy... and then I lost the ES mount. Oh well, but the other 3 seem to do the job just fine. And suspension and the turbo are equal as far as being my favorite mods. Nothing like a car that handles :)
I've been happy with my ES torque mount inserts. These are the mounts that are located up front by the bottom of your cooling fan, and behind the motor near the firewall. They help keep your motor from trying to twist or torque with your wheels when accelerating and braking. It's a good, cheap upgrade. Your car will feel really solid.

I'm not really sure what the performance benefits are for upgrading the left and right side mounts. I think alot of people leave them stock unless they go bad, and even then they replace them with new stock ones.

ES is pretty good, and cheap, but can be difficult to install. i don't know how suspension would cause a motor mount to bust (they usually wear out anyways). but agxs and prokits are good, as are ground controls. theres a very large selection for suspension parts. someone makes (used to make at least), adjustable front and rear sway bars. i know people have made rstb, and theres a good selection of fstb. not to mention camber plates and the like.
fix the motor mounts, then do the suspension. a gooey suspension is better than breaking something because your engine is moving around.
So I should replace the worn out left passenger side motor mount with the stocky and the front and rear with ES ones? Or go ES with all of them??? I dont mind the work involved with pressing the new bushings in, where is a good place to get them? Im planning on doing it soon, the shudder i get when I take off in my car is really scary....
go ES with all of them. If you're going to do any hard driving and go turbo it won't be long before that mount is more dead again.
get the 3m windo weld and go to town, it does all the mounts and it works great and vibration is little or none
BTW, it is way cheaper as well.



are just a few of the hundred or so posts about engine mounts here. The search button will reveal them all to you. Good luck.
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