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awhile ago i purchased a couple things from Mr3staks, now i'm trying to get this issue taken care of. paypal is of little help (as always), and i don'e want to have to involve police and small claims courts if i don't have to, but I've been scammed before and i'm sick of it, and even if $200 isn't worth going to court over taking care of the issue is, i'm tired of getting bum excuses from bum sellers.
mods if there's any info you can provide it would be appreciated.

maybe this guy is legit, but all signs point to not. like packing the cams by wrapping them in a tshirt and tossing them into the box with the oilpan and no other packing to speak of, and the fact that i haven't heard from him for a couple weeks.

when i bought the cams, greddy pan, avcr, safc, and z32 maf, he said the avcr came with everything and the cams were "new never been installed"

here is a laundry list of issues:
cams-supposed to be for s13 blacktop, got i (horribly mangled) exhaust cam for an s13 det and 1 (almost new) intake cam fo a s14 vvt det! (looks to have been installed but only run for a very short while, as in minuets or hours)

avcr is missing the MAP sensor.
he packaged the cams and oil pan in a box twice as big as it needed to be(not a problem but...) and then he "packaged" them by wrapping one old t-shirt around the cams, and one around the oil pan. seriously wtf, not even newspaper to keep them from shifting around, the oilpan got dented by the cams around where the seal goes so no idea what I'm going to do to repair that, machine shop maybe? lot's of hondabond?

anyway contacted the seller, he said he would buy back the cams from me for $200, was nice about it (over the phone) but then a couple weeks later when i hadn't received anything or heard from him i filed a pay pal claim, and he finally got back to me saying his wife just had surgery and is going into another one and etc.... maybe it's true maybe it's not, doesn't matter. what i do know is that the last time i got screwed the guy did the same exact thing, stopped contacting me, and then started going on about the hurricane and etc... and how everything was really tough. well, tough s**t, you shouldn't have sold me Crap parts then.

so for now i have to assume that this guy is scamming me. there is NO WAY he could have thought that that cam was usable, if needed i'll upload pics, there is a 2mm deep channel gouged out around the center bearing race(journal race?) and it's all rusty and scratched on the cam lobes like it was sitting outside for a couple of months after failing in the motor.

ps, the greddy oil pan had a ton of what looked like copper flakes in it, i'm assuming they are bearing shavings, hope they aren't from the motor he's selling and that that guy that bought it got a decent motor, but looking at the camshaft it's hard not to put two and two together....that many shavings and some were bound to make it to the head.

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Such a sh** deal that sounds to be.Pretty damn sad when someone has to scam to build his if he even has one who knows mabe they repoed it and now he needs money to pay the bills.. sorry broke f..ks...,
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