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Yeah, not lying to ya. Just bought it not too long ago actually. More of a toy for me, and I have the SE-R around to commute in and such. It's a blast to drive because you get tons of attention from everyone. It handles pretty well too :).


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man that's sweet! the dmc has been my DREAM car since i was like 10. there's one in a museum about 2 hours away from my house, and i got to set in it last time i was there.
i've seen probably 3 or 4 of them. it turns out my new boss at work used to own one. it will be WILL be mine!

so anyway, i'm sure it attracts A LOT of attention. too bad they aren't a little bit faster, but what can you expect from the early 80's. i had a chance to buy one 5 years ago for like $10,000. it had like 20,000 miles and was SWEET!! too bad i was like 13 and my life savings was like $2.
i've always wondered how they sound, exhaust wise. the dmc sounds pretty sweet on back to the future, but all of that post production crap, like the door sounds and stuff, just made me wonder. oh well.....i'll quit my ramblin. later,
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