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I just finished the install of a MSD Digital 6 box on my '93, and highly recommend this piece as a bolt-on.
The install took a few hours, and the toughest part is finding a proper space to mount the box where it will stay cool, won't get hit, etc. Plus, there isn't a flat surface anywhere under the hood of a '93, so that made it even more difficult.
The wiring couldn't have been easier to do. On a '93 Classic, the positive coil wire is DEFINITELY the black/red one. The good thing about the MSD box is that it won't fire if the wiring is reversed. The wiring was the easiest part of the whole deal.
Upon finishing the install, I crossed my fingers and turned the key. The car --BLAM!!!-- fired right up, but with a sense of urgency not seen before.
I like it, and I like it a lot

Now, I've got adjustable timing retard whenever the nitrous throttle switch is hit (0-9 degrees, in .10 of a degree increments), much more spark voltage (the BLAM-way it fired is proof of that), an adjustable upper rev limiter, AND an adjustable rev limiter to use when launching at the drag strip. Just set the rpm and go!

All in all, a highly recommeded piece.

Greg Perry, '93 SE-R w/ 149,000 miles, JWT pop, header, ProActive
clutch, ST bar, NOS direct-port 75hp, Autopower 4-point roll bar/harnesses.
[email protected] 1/4 mile, [email protected] 1/8 mile, 1.98 60-ft.

My SE-R page, with videos
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