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My 200sx looks a little differnt now...

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My turbo teal 200 now looks a little different :D ...Now it fits my "ricer" personality a little better. I still miss my white one but this ones growing on me...

Pictures dont do the color justice. Silver Gray Metallic from the 2004 BMW M3. In direct sunlight its more silver, in the shade more gray, and in certain light it has a blue tint. (pearlike)

Not Quite Done...stil some teal :D

Done Deal

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Thats an awesome color.
very nice, always loved silver :D
damn red x's, is this imagestation's work again?

EDIT: now it works
Did you paint it yourself?
Looks good! I've always wondered what a silver 200SX would look like - I'm sure it looks great in person!
Looks really nice. I personally like the Carbon grey some b13 came with.

Looks super clean dude. Very nice.
oh ****! wheres the white SE? This one is nice... but i have a soft spot for that SE.... it was my favorite.
how much did it cost?
very nice
Yes you are a ricer. HAHA JK. Looks sweet bro. How much was it? I need to get my bumper and grille painted, anyone know how much that will run me?
the 200 looks very good with the new color...
What kind of side skirts are those?? Are they stock?? I dunno...they look like it, but look kinda funny...
That is an awesome color. Sweet job :D
I believe they are the Stillen Side Skirts MySer
TheAnSER said:
I believe they are the Stillen Side Skirts MySer
Coo, thanks. I figured, but I've never actually seen them in a good enough picture.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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