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It's not prepped to sell yet, but if someone will give me $10,500, it's theirs as soon as I can return it to stock which would only take a few days. It has 69k. lists it as $11,010 so it's a good price. It's got all options except ABS. Again it will be returned to stock, turbo and all removed. Let me know if you are interested. And spread the word! It's the LEAST I can ask for creation and maintenance of the forum over the last year.

98 Sentra SE TURBO and crashed 93 NX2000

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Yup. Sure is. Here is a more complete post that I made to the list:

I've finally decided I do want to sell my Sentra returned to stock form. As
many of you know I bought a cherry 93 NX2000 that was in a front end
collision that I have taken under my wing and am repairing myself. I have
decided to make that my daily driver car when it is done and put all my
current transferrable mods on the NX (including turbo). I don't dislike my
Sentra at all, I just find it a good way I can save myself a lot of money by
killing off the car payment. I'm not in any financial trouble, I don't need
to sell, I've simply chosen to.

The car is a gray 98 Sentra SE with 69,000 miles. Kelley Blue Book says it's
worth $11,010. My Loan payoff two days ago was $10,336,15. I am looking only
to pay off the loan so I am merely asking for the payoff. It's has all
options except ABS.

I would consider keeping some or all of the mods on the car including the
turbo if someone wanted to work something out with the price, but I'd rather
keep all the mods and sell the car in stock form. But it is open to

The mods I will not be able to keep for the NX will be-

the Courtesy muffler (already have an buyer)
the Courtesy b-pipe (going to offer it to a close friend first)
the AGXs ($200 for all 4)
the Eibach Prokits ($100 for the set)
the 91 intake cam (NX already has the same cam so I will sell the cam for

There's my one lifetime tolerated solicitation on the main list.

I am located in Kokomo, IN. If you wish to call me about it my number is
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