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i like those rims.....looks hella good man
Doesn't look bad..What sizes tires are you running? And is it lowered?
My B13

thanks, its running on 17, yes its lowered on Ground Control 2.5 inch
uh........ i hate things that look like flowers..

sorry just not me. but it does look good.. make sure to get a turbo so you can start spinning those things.
Looks very nice!

I like those wheels a lot! Very sweet!
those are some sweet ass rims I likes em what are they ?
and you may wana consider a big break upgrade now since they look like baby breaks now hehe.The tsuru head light upgrade looks kick ass on b13's .
thanks, the rims is Racing Sparco NS Viper 2 , powdercoated black
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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