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My car is toast...

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Hi all helpful techs,

Here is my story:

Last night I was driving home from work. Doing 70mph in 5th gear on a highway. I heard a weird noise and turned off my sub. It sounded like rocks being shaken in a coffee can! It was very quiet at first but it grew louder if the gas was applied! After a few miles the noise became progressively louder whether I was on the gas or not. I was only a few mile from home and decided to let it rest there. But I did not make it! I got stranded on the highway at 1am! The car all of a sudden became very jerky and hesitiated violently on the road while driving! Soon after the car just shut off and I coasted to a stop on the side of the road. The sound, I believe, was traced to the engine itself. It sounded like the pistons were slamming rocks! I checked ALL of my fluids and they were all full! When I start the car (It sounds AWEFUL) I have to use the gas to get it started, if I let it idle or use the clutch or brake, or anything, it shuts off! After numerous restarts to get home, it does not turn over at all now!

Possible problems: Is it the thermostat?- the guage on the dash never rises and stays on the extreme C side. I would not know if I overheated or not!

I need my car ASAP! I'm missing classes at college as we speak. Please help. I don't trust the local techs because they just want to gouge me for all I'm worth. Please help! Reply to this or email me at [email protected]
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I hate to say it but it sounds like you are going to need a new engine. It sounds like you had rod knock and now you prob threw a rod. Do you see anything poking out through the block?
Yup, what Matt said. Your problem sounds like to be something may require you to replace the engine. Start calling for prices. Try
it does sound like the engine is in some Soko or JGY they have JDM engines for cheap.....the install can practically be done by you and some a hoist and grab some extra parts lol

its not that expensive for an engine me i did it twice!
Hi all,

It probably is not a good sign if there are tiny pieces of metal attached to the dipstick when I checked the oil...Anyway I'm pretty sure I need a new engine. Out of curiosity, I found a guy on the internet that did the same thing by going 90mph in 3rd gear (redline?) would this cause the engine to throw a rod? Also very important, I'm interested in swapping in a SR20DET in the car. Any sites that sell them for less than $1,250? Thanks a bunch all!
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