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So thought i would do an updated Intro... Im based in Cape Town, South Africa.. There is a HUGE SR20 following down here..

This is My 1998 Nissan Sabre SR20VE

B13 Chassis
JDM import SR20VE motor
TNT ported branch (Porting done by Symons Tuning)
57mm exhaust
Custom Symons Tuning CAI
SMT8 Perfect Power Smart Tuner Chip (Mapped and tuned by Symons Tuning)
Z32 AFM (From 300ZX Twin Turbo)
Lightened Flywheel (Finlay Turbines)
BC BR Series Racing coilovers
Prothane motor mounts
Polyurethane suspension bushes
Stock LUK Clutch
Volk Rays TE37 Wheels
The car is built and maintained by myself. Tuning done by Symons Tuning..

My best time on killarney is 14.2
Car makes 155Kw and 240NM on JDM Worx Dyno

The Rays CE28 wheels on the car in some of the pics belongs to a friend.. The TE37s are mine :)
We just did a wheel swap for a week to have a different look..


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Nice I didnt knew they call it Sabre there, its a N15 chasis? or a P11 ? I also saw that model on australi whit another name pulsar or almera not remember.
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