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It's been a long time since I've posted! I've been really busy getting a new job, which I'll start at on Sept. 5.

My car was supposed to be ready today, so I phoned about it. They broke the windshield and the antenna mount, and they haven't had time to work on it. So, my rental's going to be a little cheaper now...

I took a digital camera to the bodyshop. Just amazing. The car is being refinished by hand. All of the dents are out, the front and rear clips and all the trim is off, and it's all grey primer right now.

I don't have the cable for the camera, so I can't post the pics until after the weekend, and my car should be ready for early next week, and I'll take more pics of it then!

P.S. I also bought JWT cams, ECU, and SS brake lines, which I'll install later. My car will be a weekend driver only soon, as my new job is on the subway line, and I live very close to the subway as well.
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