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The NDRA has recently added a new class that has peaked my interest. It seems to be a class where I could be competitive. The main highlights of the class are FWD/RWD, 4 cylinder with 1 power adder/NA 6 cylinder/NA 2 rotor, full interior, and DOT approved tires only with a max size of 235/60 (no bias ply tires).

As of now I plan on attending the June 26th & 27th event at MIR, the July 31st & August 1st event at Maple Grove, and the August 28th & 29th event at Atco. I'd love to see some more Nissans out there drag racing! Wish me luck, I'll be proudly representing the SR20 community.

Here's the Honda-Tech link discussing the new class, .

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Here is the official rules of the class:

• SPONSOR DECALS: All racers must have series and or class sponsor decals as
required by NDRA. Competitors can utilize a competing sponsor product / logo.
• CLASS: The class designation (PW/S) must be on the right side and the front window in
3-inch tall letters.
• NUMBERS: Car numbers must be on the right side window in 6-inch tall numbers, and
the front windshield in 3-inch tall numbers.
• BODY: Stock import or domestic compact car or truck body must be retained.
Lightweight parts limited to hood, fenders, rear decks and ground effects only. No cutting
or drilling of body or chassis or removal of other components for purpose of lightening
vehicle prohibited. However the rear bumper supports may be removed. Chop tops not
allowed. Lexan or Plexiglas windows are prohibited. No tape can be used to join/cover
body seams. Body or paint damage incurred at that event can be fixed by any means for
remainder of the event.
• INTERIOR: Door panels, dash, headliner and carpet must remain in place. Passenger
seats and back seat plus all interior trim must remain in tact. Doors must work from inside
and outside of vehicle. Windows and door switches must work as designed by
manufacturer. Cars will be re-inspected on the return road; any cars found missing
required components shall be disqualified.
• ENGINE: Class is open to overhead cam 4 cylinder 1 power adder entries, 6 cylinder,
and 2 rotor entries must remain naturally aspirated only. Engine must be the some make
as vehicle racing. No turbo, no supercharger and no nitrous allowed on 6 cylinder or
rotories. One power adder allowed on 4 cylinder entries. Bolt on modifications only.
Aftermarket cams, headwork, valves, cam gears and other internal modifications allowed.
All RWD cars will remain naturally aspirated. Air-cooled entries allowed. NOTE: If any 6
cylinder or rotary car is found to have any piece of nitrous equipment installed, such as
solenoids, micro throttle switches, etc., car will be assumed to be using nitrous and put
into the Turbo 6 class.
• CYLINDER HEADS: Must be commercially available, produced in runs of 500 or more.
No billet cylinder heads. Any Internal modification permitted.
• INDUCTION SYSTEMS: Any commercially available induction may be used, but stock
configuration must be retained. Ex: Fuel injected entries must remain fuel injected, with
the same type of injection used as delivered stock.
Example: if the car is delivered from the factory in a single throttle body configuration it
must remain as a single throttle body.
• EXHAUST SYSTEM: NDRA does not require mufflers for racing however, some tracks
have a noise ordinance, which requires a muffler for Saturday racing. Catalytic converters
may be removed.
• DRIVE TRAIN: FWD and RWD entries. Stock drive train configuration required. Stock
rear end must be used. No aftermarket differentials.
• TRANSMISSION: Factory available OEM manual gearbox / with a H-Pattern shifter or
factory automatic transmission. Modifications limited to what fits completely within stock
transmission and bell housing. Automatic transmissions allowed. Scatter-shield required
if 11.99 or quicker. See section 4.15 for additional details. No aftermarket Transmissions
of any kind allowed. Absolutely no Trans-Brakes allowed.
• CLUTCH/FLYWHEEL AND FLYWHEEL SHIELD: After market clutch and flywheel
shield required if car is running 11.99 or quicker. See section 4;13 and 4;16 in general
• CHASSIS: Full stock chassis (Full stock floor pan) required. A roll bar is mandatory in all
cars running 11.99 or quicker and in convertibles running 13.99 or quicker. Any vehicle
equipped with a roll bar must be equipped with a padded head protector to be placed
behind the driver's head mounted in such a way so as to help minimize the risk of
whiplash. The cage or roll bar must also be fitted with padding in any area where it may
come in contact with the driver's helmet. Padding with ¼ inch compression or padding
meeting SFI Spec 45.1 padding or better shall be used. No other forms of padding will
be accepted.
• SUSPENSION: Must use one shock per wheel, or retain original style suspension. Coilover
shocks allowed. No wheelie bars allowed.
• WHEELBASE: Stock wheelbase must be retained.
• IGNITION SYSTEM: Aftermarket crank triggers, two-step rev limiters, ignition
amplifiers, spark computers or dynamically adjustable engine management systems and
piggyback engine management systems are allowed. Stand-alone systems allowed.
• LIGHTS/STREET EQUIPMENT: Headlights, turn signals, horn, and taillights must be
retained in stock condition. One headlight can be removed for air induction. If car came
with sunroof, sunroof must remain intact and functional.
• BRAKES: All cars must have four working hydraulic brakes, and in good working order.
• COOLING SYSTEM: No electric water pumps. Electric fans allowed. Must use
overflow/catch can 1-pint minimum NOT be mounted in front of tires or with overflow line
pointed at tires.
• TIRES/WHEELS: DOT approved drag radials only, no bias ply tires. Maximum tire size
limited to 235/60. Cars running 11.99 or quicker must have metal valve stems. NOTE:
• FUEL: Gasoline only. No Fuel cells allowed.
•DRIVERS LICENSE: Driver must have a valid unrestricted state- or government- issued
driver’s license, with no underage driving restrictions, mandatory for cars running 10.00
or slower.
• DRIVERS SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Any vehicle equipped with a roll cage or roll bar
must be equipped with a padded head protector to be placed behind the driver's head
mounted in such a way so as to help minimize the risk of whiplash. The cage or roll bar
must also be fitted with padding in any area where it may come in contact with the
driver's helmet. Padding with ¼ inch compression or padding meeting SFI Spec 45.1
padding or better shall be used. No other forms of padding will be accepted.
• HELMETS: Drivers of cars 13.99 or quicker must use a helmet that is Snell, 90, 95,
2000 SFI 31.1A, 31.2A, 41.1A or 41.2A spec. Any helmet that is modified in any way
other than paint jobs shall be deemed unsafe and not suited for competition. Drivers must
be wearing their helmet prior to entering the burnout area. The NDRA requires the use of
Full Face Helmets and strongly recommends the use of the proper visor as well.
• CLOTHING: 10.00-11.99: Drivers must wear jacket meeting SFI 3.2A/1.
• SEAT BELTS: All cars THAT REQUIRE a roll bar must use a 3-inch, 5-point SFI 16.1
driver restraint system equipped with a quick release system. Belts must be mounted to
the frame or cross member or in a reinforced mounting point so that all connections are in
a direct line with the direction of the pull. CARS REQUIRING A SFI 16.1 DRIVERS
STAMPED ON THE SFI BELT TAGS. Cars using OEM type seats may route the crotch
strap in front of the seat rather than through a hole in the base cushion.

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I know of some fast Honda's on street tires but they were using the M&H Street Slicks and I think they are not legal in this class. I would like to run in this class but I wander what kind of times you will need to be competitive?? Mid 12's on street tires?

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Look into the new Mickey Thompson ET Street tires, Jonathon. Hot Rod magazine did a test on them in this month's issue, and they perform *very* well. MT released them in 275/60/15 initially: Not sure if other sizes are available yet or not.

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Atco, NJ this weekend. They are also running the makeup date for the Maple Grove eliminations. I qualified 2nd with a blistering 15.1 and a bad clutch. I'll be experimenting with a new clutch this weekend, hopefully it will hold. Hope some more sr20forum people show up. Last time it was just me and zexynx. Look for the most beat up sentra there and it will be me.

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Good luck this weekend. Do you have a clutch/flywheel shield as required by the NHRA rules? I'm trying to figure out how to make/buy one of these for our trannies.


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i raced in this class at the last Nopi meet at MIR, i lost in the semi-finals to a crx running 11.20's, trailored up from florida. my best was 12.82 on my old nitto drag radials. first time on street tires with turbo so i was pretty happy. i think with more practice and better tires i could have done better.(not 11.20's, but better)
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