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HELP, I think I spun the main bearings on my '93 nx-2000. What are the odds of finding a used engine,preferably in the St.Louis area?

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or I will give you one out of my 98 if you get me a gti-r engine?
just kidding, try soko or soken, someplace like that. real cheap and you can also get a higher compression motor also- or even a turbo motor if you wanted to go that way.

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James Farrer is selling his [email protected] all out turbo motor.

Well everyone, this race season has come to an end for us east coasters. I
have come to realize the true potential of our little gem of an engine,and
what they can really be capable of. For that reason i have decided to build
an all out full blow track scorcher for this coming season. This new setup
will be all new and all custom with the exception of some jwt parts.
I am writing to the list to offer my entire engine up for sale. As you
all know this motor is good for 10.0 sec timeslips and is being sold just as
it was when it ran those numbers. The motor will include everything to bolt
right into ur car with some minor exceptions. This is one mean engine( not
for the faint hearted) and includes the entire turbo setup.
Anyone interested e-mail me privately with serious inquiry's only. PLEASE
NO DREAMERS!!!!!This is a guarenteed 10 sec engine that needs to pull some
major cash for me to sell.
Sorry for the spam, but i figured u guys might want first dibs on this .
Thanks Guys
James Farrer
1993 SE-R
[email protected]

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I have been pondering this also lately. I had a few ?'s that I couldn't find definitive answers in the archives. Since the high port motors were not made after mid '93, what are the chances of finding one through an engine importer. The primera motor that was high port was called the phase 1, right? Besides exhaust manifold, intake manifold, and gaskets, front main seal, water pump, and VC gasket(s), what other things need to be done to prep a NA JDM engine before the swap? I know the rod bearing should be replaced for the DET's, but was told this was not needed for the NA motors. What are the marking to Identify the Primera motor? I was told the NISSAN is in the middle of the VC, are there any other markings?

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Has anyone ever bought an engine from Soko? they gave me a good price, $595 plus shipping.
I couldn't find k.wantabe. Local yards want $1000 for one with 80k on it.
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