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Need Help...Engine problems

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Hi guys

I need your help now. On my way home from the car-wash the car started to act funny.... it got worse a I got closer to home ... It just had no power...

I know I have a leak in the exhaust between the cat and the rest... but it cant be it !!

When i got home i popped to hood and there was this funny smell ....I just dont know what it is ... but after filming this video ( ) it smelled like a two-stoke in the garage. It also made like a misfire or something f*&(k loud from the intake :(

On the video... I tried to rev at around 3500 and it was just dying. its was worse on the road

Is the engine shot :( ?? Please no...I just started a new job... its just not the time :mad: :( .

im going back tring to figure out what it is.



EDIT: oh I forgot... ive got a ghetto WAI nad for the vid, just right click---save as
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okay....jsut came back from a quick ride... it seems to hesitate and be really rough on light trhottle, but when you floor it.its smooth but it doesnt have a lot of power. So my guess is either ECU, Maf or TPS .. ill go check .... any other toughts ??
found the probleme

water is leaking from somewhere . Thats my 2nd ECU now :mad:
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Wow, that is really shitty :(
I guess you're off to G&L anyways. Look in the pennysaver, on the back page there is a coupon for 15% off at G&L. I wonder where the water is coming in from. Maybe you'll have to take the dash apart to see :confused:
I was told that an ECU from an automatic wont work... :confused: True ?
i know my friend has a 5sp ecu in his automatic and it runs horribly. the water may be coming from your heater core, the 2 hoses that go through your fire wall, they are a little to the right side but that would be my first guess on the water.

EDIT:i stand corrected
An automatic ECU *WILL* work in a manual car. I've done it myself.
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