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Hello and how are ya? Hopefully great!
Ok, these bad boys are rusted in place.
Im ready to go all out and just break them off. Heres the help I need:
--What alternatives do I have here?
--What is the exact measurement of the test pipe that I need if I go without the cat?

Is there a way to cut the pipe in front of the cat and maybe make a sleeve for both pipes to fit?

This realy sucks! I almost had the job done and now this.

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on my 97, those particular nuts were rusted too. What i did was drop the whole exhaust system and take off the cat secondary pipe attatched. Had my dad torch the nuts off, then we cleaned up the threads on the bolts. then we reused the stock primary, secondary nuts to hold the secondary to the cat. propane torch didn't work.. used some real crazy **** to melt the nut..

you could also take it to a muffler shop to have them fix it

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Im bout to get a flame thrower and have at it!! I'm going to ask Meinekie Muffler how much they want to do the job. I wish I had access to a lift!!

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