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Sup? Ok, here is my deal. I have a 1991 Sentra SER and a turbo kit I have put together myself out of used parts (mostly)

Currently I am trying to figure outa way to mount my FMIC which is the 2nd gen conquest/starion intercooler.
I have come to the conclusion that I need to cut the metal front bumper.. I believe. I have a digi pic of the IC but I don't know how to post that up. Anyways. Has anyone see a starion/conquest FMIC installed on a classic ser? Help me get boost! (BTW: my kit isa det turbo/manifold/etc, a HKS racing BOV, the starion intercooler, 370 cc injectors, going to have a JWT ecu too. Need to keep my egr system intact, and I am going to eliminate the AIV. going with a 2.5 or 3 inch downpipe, probably a 2.5 for now, then later when I do teh whole exhaust I am going to do 3 inch.)


David Lau ([email protected])
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