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i got a 92 g20 that's got a few "bugs" here and there. all of which can be fixed (or upgraded), problem is the parents want me to trade it in for another USED car. i'm trying to convince my dad that no matter what, a used car is gonna have a few things here and there. and if i do get another car i won't have money to fix it. at least now i got a $5000 loan from my pops to work on the g20. i need some serious hard facts to convince him to let me keep it. here's the list of fixers:
driver side CV joint (creaks on turns)
suspension (natural after 10 years)
muffler (leaks at piping into it)
exterior stuff (i know those aren't important but i got rust on the front left panel)
and the head's leaking oil.
like i said all fixable or upgradeable, and within 5k budget.
i just need to explain why it's worth it, or better than say a used sh!tvic (that's what they want me to get, geez) help anyone?

hopin to stay an sr20 enthusiast u4ikstilz

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by sr20deboston:
Sell the G20, get a Classic or NX, use the leftover cash + $5000 to get down and dirty. Five large will go a long way...</font>
And 5k wont go along way in a G20?

Damn, for 5k, you could get:
Motor Swap and motor $1k
New axles with swap $300
Suspension $1k
New exhaust, header back $800
A decent paint job $1k
Still have enough money for new tires, or insurance.


"clears and stickers, the best bang for your buck"
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