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Need help!

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my automatic nx has stalled out 3 times in the past 2 days. the first 2 times i was able to instantly restart it, than today it wouldnt start. I sat in the middle of the road for 5 minute trying to get it to start. Finnaly a cop came to help me stop the traffic and push the car to the side of the road. ( really busy street, 55mph)

so what the hell would cause this? i was was able to start it up after 5 minutes of cranking it over with my foot on the floor. eventually it started up and sputtered a bit, than seemed to be ok.

anyone know anything to check?
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need more info. were you driving, or sitting still? any missing while driving? what was the weather like? engine hot or cold when stalling? anything like that would help greatly in diagnosis
it stalls either when i start to accelerate from a low rate of speed (0-5 mph) or as im braking (from 15-0 ) it seems to do it more when the engines at normal operating temp. While driving there is no missing what so ever. however after it stalls and i get it to start again, as i rev it up in park, theres a little bit of a mis.
as far as the weather, it was like 70 degrees, very nice out.
anyone? please?
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