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Need Ideas from out Mates Down Under

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Guys and gals,

I've started a thread in the all motor section that will, hopefully, have a list of alternative headers for our cars.

Any of y'all, know of websites or even brand headers that could benefit our cars... pics and stats, too, if possible? I'm not talking about the usual Hotshot, Stillen or even Pacesetter headers... something different.

For example, I've heard of the Impul header but the only site I've found is all in Japanese.

Muchos Grass for any help you can donate.

Peace Out,
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I have Genie extractors on my car. Genie are a well respected brand here down under, and compared to other headers ive seen seem to be of excellent build/flow quality. I also chose them, because i got a good supply&install deal from a local exhuast shop.

Thanks, Dom. I only quickly perused their site, didn't see an application for our B13 sr20de engines. Sorry for the ignorance, but what does the N15 Pulsar SSS come with?

I'm thinking I didn't search well enough. You've got the genie on your car and I didn't even see Nissan listed... probably my bad.

Thanks for the info. Ian(Pretty White) had mentioned these headers before and even posted some pictures of them on a car.

Peace Out,

P.S. Sorry about this, but my son wants me to write his name on the computer...

stephen... never mind, he did it himself. Aren't kids cute?
Alright, found the application... duh. I'll post this site on Pretty Whites thread and on the other, too.

Thanks again, Dom.

Peace Out,

heres a link to a dodgy photo taken of the top of the extractors.

Dom, that's a good picture... very clear and "size appropriate". Are you're powder coated or do they come that color?

Any info on the hp/torque gains across the powerband? I really like the way they look.

Thanks again.

Peace Out,
i also have these exact headers and they are good and i aint got nothing bad to say about them either.

I have two sr20de powered cars, my nx-r has hurricane headers 4-1, mild steel I think, not too bad have improved flow very well, however heat sink is an issue with these.
On my n15 sss I have x-force, now these are **** hot!! Nice stainless 4-2-1 beautiful design cost between $380-$480AUD but well worth it, both give around 7-10 hp increase over standard, (not my figure quoted by both companies), hope this helps a bit.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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