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I am going to start auto crossing with a local group this spring, and i want some advice on how i should prep my NX, i have given my self a $1500 cnd ($1000 US) budget for the season.
Im thinking new tires that will fit my stock rims, new brake pads, change out my Intrax springs to my stock springs or hunt down a set of Pro-kits, if i go the way of stock springs should i install anti roll bars ? and im not sure what else should do ? not sure if i could do more for that budget. this is what im kind of expecting to pay for parts

tires 800 (like to get Falken Anzies)
pads 160 (axxes MM)
anti roll bar 400(not sure what they go for)
or pro kits 400 (just guessing)

*note im thinking in canadian "Paso's of the north" and i have to add a whopping 14% tax on top :mad:

im open to any suggestions :)


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First, try before you buy. No sense dropping a lot of money on something if you don't like it. There are plenty of novices who show up once or twice and we never see them again.

Assuming you enjoyed your first couple times out and you really want to spend money to get faster I'd consider the following in order. Others will have their own opinions so don't take what I write here as gospel.

1. Driver education - Evolution/McKamey school (Bremerton, WA in July), novice schools put on by your region, books, videos. Don't forget to hang around the fast guys and ask pointers. Get an experienced guy to ride while you drive... then let him drive.

2. Tech - you can't run if you don't pass tech. Is your battery tied down correctly? Is there enough meat on your brake pads (stock is fine for autox, at least for now)? CV boots and wheel bearings in good shape?

3. Get a four wheel alignment. I don't have an NX so others will have to recommend toe and camber specs. Take it to a shop that will do the alignment to your specs.

4. Tires - The Falken Azenis is going to be the de facto street class tire. In the 195/60/14 size they're less than US$250 installed. Your 17 inch wheels will slow you down because they're heavier and hurt your gearing. Bring out your 14x6 inch stockers.

5. Suspension - Struts/springs, get KYB AGXs for the stock springs. To run with the Eibach ProKits or other spring which lowers the car you should really consider a shortened strut like what Motivational offers. Others that offer shortened struts/coilovers include Truechoice (Konis), ShigSpeed (Konis), Ground Control (Advanced Design), and Shocktek (Bilsteins).... be careful all these options are at least US$2000.

Anti roll bars/sway bars - Some like the stock bars, some prefer just a stiffer rear bar, some prefer bigger bars front and rear. I have an ST bar up front with the NuTech bar set at full stiff in the back. I think this is fine for track days but a bit much for autox as I tend to bounce around some of the less than smooth corners. I'd stay stock right now but consider getting the Energy Suspension bushing set for the sway bars. ES also makes bushings for the control arms.

6. Quaife - Makes a difference powering out of those tight corners even when compared to the factory VLSD.

7. Power mods - Header, intake, exhaust, cams, ECU, pulleys.

Read your rule book. You're in Canada so they do things a bit differently than they do in the US. Some mods are free, other mods will cost you points and put you into another class. For example, in the US if your only mod was your 17" wheels you'd be running in the Street Touring class where some of your competitors would likely have full suspension setups with all the power bolt ons.


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It also depends on how your classification works. If you're going by CACC classing rules, then you're either gonna be in Stock, Super Stock, or Street Prepared. If you want to stay stock, then you must use your stock springs and you can't use a rear sway bar. You can use a front bar but it'll only make things worse (which is why they don't care). You're cost estimates are a little high as well...

For stock I'd suggest:

1: Stock springs with KYB AGX shocks...$600 for shocks.

2: Racing seat and 5 point harness...about $600 depending on brand.

3: Falken Azenis 195/60/14...$400 if you don't pay the brutal 14% (get them mounted and shipped in the US)

For Super Stock

1: Prokits and KYB AGX shocks...about $800 for the set

2: Yokohama A032R 185/60/14...$570 including tax.

3: 5 point harness...$150.

If you play in SP then you'll need alot more $$$ to win.

I competed in the CACC Regionals D/SP all last season with nothing but boltons + cams, stock shocks and cheapo lowering springs, and 185/60/14 A032R tires. I managed to finish second in the championship, but the 1st place guy was way ahead of me. This season I'm going with as much suspension stuff as I can afford (and a Quaife if I can manage the $$$) and Kumho tires.

Of course there are other ways to do it, but these are only suggestions. Also, do your very best to get into this years Evolution School. I'll be doing it this year, and I've heard it's the best way to shave time off your runs.

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If you want to stay stock, then you must use your stock springs and you can't use a rear sway bar.
Am I reading this right? Even if your car comes from the factory with a rear sway bar you have to remove it to run in stock class? That makes no sense at all.

My advice: Do an event to make sure you like it. If you're like everyone else, yoll be hooked immediately. Get some new shocks, the AGXs are good. Leave everything else the same. Use the street tires you have. Trust me, you'll be a better autocrosser in the future if you learn on less forgiving crappy street tires. Use the rest of the money for that Evolution phase 1 school. It's worth every dime.

Stuck on an island
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cool thanks for the feed back :)

well looks like ill swap in my stock springs and i already have the agx shocks. i might have to run down south to get the rubber, but ill see what deals some friends can get me (not cheep to go to the US for me since i live on a island), and put in a new ES bushing set, i think that's what ill start out with and see how things go from there :)

and hopefully i will be attending a drivers courses that the club puts on every year, But im wondering when is the course hapining in Vancouver? since ill be living there for a few months starting in feb.
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