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Need some help!

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Ok I know this is probably not the right section (hell not even an SR20) but I figure there's more people on this forum that have taken apart their car far enough to help... this is what I posted over at

Thats what I'm hearing... It happend when I first did the swap to the manual.... about every 4-7 seconds I'd hear a mild to light sound (clunk) like someone just hit the transmission with a hammer... Today it got worse, louder and about ever 2-3 seconds.

It only happens when I'm accelerating under load (meaning I can't get the sound to occur if i just push the car), if I depress the clutch it dissappears or if I lift off the throttle it dissapears.

I can feel the clunk through the clutch pedal and the shifter the most.

My guess right now... I was given the wrong axles. It looks about the same as my auto tranny axles but I'm not sure if that would cause the sound.... Second guess, wheels are out of alignment and causing the axles to pull out slightly from the differential housing... (although that seems farfetched)..

Can anyone relate or help??? Thanks!

The only thing I see rubbing is the sway bar against the shift linkage...
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Re: Need some help! -- Me too!

On my 1992 SE-R...

I'm having problems that are very similar to the symptoms you described. Ever since I had my driver's side axle replaced a month ago, I've felt this weird metal to metal vibration. At first it was very faint but as time went on it started to feel/sound like a bearing going out. After a few days to a week, I started to get these clunking sounds. These noises came from the drivers side wheel-transmission area. About 80% of the time I hear/feel the noise when giving torque to the wheels. Out of that 80%, the noise happens when the wheel is slightly turned. The other 20% happens when the car is in neutral or in gear with the clutch in.

****In a short sentence, it makes noise 80% in gear (mostly when wheels are slightly turned) --- 20% out of gear. When rolling at slow speeds while applying torque you can hear/feel a clunk at certain revolutions of the wheel.

I have taken my car to several shops and they say that I'm crazy, nothing's wrong, and I'm just imagining things. I need to figure out what this is from. It feels really unsafe driving the car because I'm worried about the transmission locking up in a turn.

Oh, another symptom... I jacked up the car on jackstands, put the tranny in neutral, rotated one wheel about 2 inches and then you hear a faint clunk sound from the tranny. After the 2 inches, both wheels start rotating symmetrically. Once you stop and rotate the wheel in the other direction, you'll hear the clunk again.

Is this a bad differential??!

I did notice every once in a while, with my clutch in, 0mph, when moving the shifter into a gear, I'd hear a slight grind. It's the same kind of grind that you hear when you put the car in reverse.

Some one please help.
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