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need some opinions

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i was wondering if i should go with bolting on a turbo or doing a full det swap???
im basically wanting reliability....but im a little more towards swaping because the motor is built for the turbo....but for now i need opinions...
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You can really do either and keep them reliable. I myself with most of the others would just go with the DET. The internals are built for the turbo application and the compression is also (8.5:1), which is perfect for turbo SR.
I have not seen anyone really test the stock internals out on the FWD DET, but Enjuku racing is making 545HP on the stock bottom end on their RWD SR20DET, so if you want reliable go with the DET. The DE-t can be reliable if tunned right, but you never know what could happen.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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